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Palm Beach Wine Co is an iconic bottle shop / general store like no other in the entire region, visited and boasted about ​ by customers from all around the world. 

Located on the northern peninsula of Sydney Australia.  An exquisite range of fine wines & premium liquors both international and local, gourmet food, designer gifts and beautiful homewares.​

Palm Beach Wine Co. also offers "design it yourself" hamper packs for your next boating trip, party or holiday home. Please phone or email for futher information and orders.

Palm Beach Wine Co endeavor to taste every wine that comes onto the market in order to select only the best products at any given price point. With over 14,000 labels currently on the Australian Market as well as samples arriving from every corner of the globe this is a monumental task, and one that is often joked about by customers as being a 'dream job.' In reality, judging wines professionally, as opposed to simply tasting wines, requires discipline and concentration.​

All wines are initially reviewed and rated by the Palm Beach Wine Co tasting panel of experienced wine consultants by a proper evaluation method looking closely at the following 4 aspects:

1. SIGHT consisting of four categories: (a) colour (b) viscosity (c) brilliance (d) depth 

2. NOSE consisting of four categories: (a) aroma (b) faults (c) variety (d) intensity

3. PALATE consisting of four categories: (a) complexity (b) concentration (c) fruit (d) length

4. FINISH consisting of four categories: (a) aftertaste (b) balance (c) tannin / phenolics (d) acid

A score is given out of 100 points for the wine. This is then corresponded to our unique star rating system.

1 Star = A score less than 55/100 points
1 & 1/2 Stars = 60-65/100
2 Stars = 65-70/100
2 & 1/2 Stars = 70-75/100
3 Stars = 75-80/100
3 & 1/2 Stars = 80-85/100
4 Stars = 85-90/100 (Bronze Medal)
4 & 1/2 Stars = 90-95/100 (Silver Medal)
5 Stars = 95-100  (Gold Medal)​